From PyPi:

pip install pyads

From conda-forge:

conda install pyads

From source:

git clone --recursive
cd pyads
python install

Installation on Linux

For Linux pyads uses the ADS library which needs to be compiled from source if you use a source package. This should not be an issue, however if you should encounter any problems with the please contact me.

Installation on Windows

On Windows pyads uses the TcADSDll.dll which is provided when you install Beckhoffs TwinCAT on your machine. Make sure that it is accessible and installed in your PATH.

Testing your installation

You can test your installation by simply popping up a python console and importing the pyads module. If no errors occur everything is fine and you can carry on.

>>> import pyads

If you get an OSError saying that the could not be found there probably went something wrong with the build process of the shared library. In this case you can create the manually by doing the following:

cd adslib
sudo make install

This compiles and places the in your /usr/lib/ directory.